Before cleaning – Gutters, Fascias and Down spouts


Gutters unblocked and Cleaned in Whitehaven, Cumbria

Free flowing, well maintained gutters will divert rainwater away from your home and stop the water, that should go into the drains, from running down your walls, removing paint and leaving unsightly algae and moss. Worse still, the water will get behind the rendering which given time will loosen its grip on the bricks and mortar beneath, a very costly experience indeed. This same water will also given the chance penetrate extension roofs and cause untold damage to the interior plaster work etc below. And the biggest enemy of all, water dripping on your head as you leave the house, Only joking of course but you get the picture !

Once unblocked UPVC gutters, Fascia boards and Down spouts will come up like new and will enhance the look of your home like the day they were very first installed. Any gaskets that are found to be leaking can also be quickly replaced and will stop that drip which always seems to be above the blooming door !!

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After cleaning – Gutters, Fascias and Down Spouts


Gutter Cleaning and Repairs, Whitehaven, Cumbria