Logo1Just last week we where called in to clear a House in the Kells area of Whitehaven. The old lady who lived there had sadly passed away and with no relatives living in the county it was decided the best way forward was to find a Professional House Clearance company to do the work. The house which had 4 bedrooms and various other rooms was  ” full of 94 years worth of junk “.


After arriving as instructed at 8 am,  two teams of our highly experienced staff set about clearing the property and by 6.30 that evening the house was completely clear of all its belongings, in readiness for its next occupants. The next day we set about finding new homes for the circa 1940 – 1950’s furniture and various other items that we had saved from going to Landfill. Our policy of never throwing away any item that is in usable condition saves many a thirsty skip wagon from journeying to and throw to the local tip. Many local charity shops and organizations have benefited from this such as Keekle Mission who received a large, as new Bottle cooler that we salvaged from a recent House Clearance in Seascale.